Government Contract Management Capabilities

MediVector has put the systems and processes in place that are required to manage Department of Defense contracts. MediVector employs a full range of robust program management systems and tools including an Earned Value Management System that allows us to manage our work progress, budget, and schedule.

As a prime contractor for the Department of Defense, MediVector is subject to an annual performance review known as the Contractor Performance Assessment Rating (CPAR). It provides a rating for a number of performance categories. The CPAR is important to contractors seeking business opportunities with the U.S. Government since it is used as a part of source selection criteria for determining a successful bidder.

MediVector has received three CPARs with an overall excellent rating from our Department of Defense customer.

MediVector, Inc has proven knowledge and experience on the FDA regulatory pathway for drug development. This knowledge was proven in the detailed planning on phase 2 and 3 clinical trial design and the smooth end of phase 2 meeting and preparation of the end of phase 3 meeting. FDA revealed to the government a great relationship between FDA review team and the clinical drug sponsor (MediVector, Inc). This relationship is a vital component of drug development.” 

– Program Manager, EID-Flu  June 2015 

“MediVector has employed a very capable and knowledgeable management staff. Their expertise covers all areas necessary for successful contract execution. Given the complicated nature of the performance requirements of the contract, MediVector staff has been able to react proactively to risks and avoid issues. MediVector maintains open and honest communication between the government and their staff.”

– Program Manager, EID-Flu  April 2014