MediVector IncIf you are not creative, effective, and entrepreneurial in the drug development process, there is a danger of spending millions of dollars—and coming up with nothing.

This concept is the basis behind the MediVector logo.

When you have two vectors, they are orthogonal if the angle between them is 90 degrees. If two vectors are parallel and of equal size, and if these two vectors go in opposite directions, they cancel each other out.

The drug development process tries to define a drug with the smallest number of medically relevant variables, that is, by creating an orthogonal set of variables. Ideally, you want to have three orthogonal sets: efficacy, safety, and availability.

The drug creation process is essentially the process of approximate reasoning that seeks an unknown orthogonal set. In a world in which only two dimensions exist, the biggest possible upside is that you get two clear dimensions: efficacy and safety. The biggest downside is that you end up with efficacy and safety cancelling each other out.