Anti-Viral Case Study

Given its unique mechanism of action and broad impact on a wide range of RNA-based viruses, this drug has the potential to be a first-in-class broad spectrum antiviral.


The development program was stalled and not moving forward.


We applied our guiding principles to solve the problem:

Be Creative: MediVector redesigned the clinical development program to address key technical questions including proof of efficacy, mechanism of action, and effective dosing.

Be Effective: Using our proprietary SocratesSM software we were able to reach managerially actionable information, thus allowing us to shorten the overall timeframe to study completion. MediVector also developed a close working relationship with the FDA which has enabled an ongoing conversation throughout the development process.

Be Entrepreneurial: MediVector obtained $138M non-dilutive financing in partnership with the Department of Defense to fund the development program.


The drug is currently in global Phase 3 clinical trials. Given the strong development program, the drug is transitioning from being considered simply as a treatment for a single indication to being hailed as a potential “one drug. many bugs” solution.

Successes in Drug Development

MediVector’s creative, effective, and entrepreneurial approach to drug development reduces the drug development cycle time and yields success.