Respiratory Case Study

Potential anti-inflammatory drug for the treatment of asthma.


Inhaled drug products require a significant amount of a drug and a high number of subjects which translates into long and costly timelines.


We applied our guiding principles to solve the problem:

Be Creative: Counterintuitively, the key was to prove failure rather than success which involved concurrent clinical testing of all potential failure points including pharmacological proof, clinical proof of effect, product feasibility, and safety/efficacy/availability.

 Be Effective: By changing the approach, development time was reduced from 4.5 years to 1.5 years which saved the need for long and costly studies.

 Be Entrepreneurial: The MediVector team was able to lead the program to a new approach toward proof of concept by using a cheaper IV formulation rather than an inhaler to prove its effectiveness.


Using the IV formulation, it was determined that the drug would not be sufficiently effective in a large enough market. By cutting the development time from 4.5 years to 1.5 years, a significant amount of time and money were saved.

Successes in Drug Development

MediVector’s creative, effective, and entrepreneurial approach to drug development reduces the drug development cycle time and yields success.