Time and money is critical in drug development, which is why MediVector works to decrease both the time and thus the costs of bringing drugs to market.

MediVector has developed concurrent processes that rely upon a continuous cycle of learning and confirming. Our Program Management approach focuses on:

Predictive Evaluation

MediVector evaluates each opportunity to discover the reason it has not yet been successful, determine the potential of the product(s), and identify possible solutions for success prior to proceeding with a new program.

Strong Science

MediVector overcomes scientific roadblocks using innovative and novel approaches to problem solving, leveraging collaborations with top scientific experts.

Quality Data

MediVector has created an information technology-based development platform that dramatically improves the on-time, on-budget delivery of drug development by providing managerially actionable information in a quicker timeframe.

Disciplined Financial Management

MediVector is an expert at imposing discipline on managing program finances and evaluating and mitigating the financial impact of risks.

Highly Skilled People

MediVector’s team has extensive experience navigating the FDA regulatory pathway to help drive drugs through to FDA approval.